We are TX MAGA


We will be working to hold public officials accountable, especially Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker Phelan, if he is reelected as Speaker.

These 3 men have let Texas down so badly during their tenure and because of lazy, low information voters, who apparently just look at name recognition instead of their actual records, we are again stuck with the worst RINOS in Texas leadership.

We had some very fine gentlemen running against Gov. Greg Abbott who worked hard to bring Freedom and Liberty back to our great Texas Republic and were unable.  

I know many of you will ask, why did Donald Trump endorse these men?  Only he knows but because of these endorsements, we are stuck so we must fight!

What we do

We will be watching the efforts of the Texas RINOS and calling them out at every turn!

186 Years of Texans

As a native Texan myself, I can tell you that Texans are proud of our state but we are also realistic and know that as the USA has had enemies come against them, Texas is not immune to the subtleties of the Communism that is now rife in our nation and edging its way into our great state of Texas. We will not tolerate this on any level and must get back to our Judeo-Christian values that founded this great nation as well as Texas!

Whataburger among Many

Texas is home to many great businesses and we would like to keep it that way.  We are adamantly opposed to this corporate welfare doled out by our Texas government luring new business to Texas without clearly vetting these companies and their Values.  We need companies that put Texans First, America First and while we all understand that profits are necessary, we need companies that do not hate our values!  Most of the companies getting this corporate welfare are wealthy companies! Why are we not helping the many entrepreneurs here in Texas expand and grow?  We shouldn't have to help any company but if we are going to do it, let's start with the Texans who are here and help them grow!

Texas is a Mindset!

You can go anywhere in the world and if you say you are from Texas, people immediately know our great state!  Native Texans are an independent and proud bunch of people.  We are the only state that was a Republic before joining the USA and many, at this time, are wondering why we ever did!  I know I am thinking the same thing! I want to make Texas Great Again, stop the globalist from invading out state as well as stopping the invasion on our Southern Border.  What is going on down there is treasonous and must be stopped.  I know everyone believes the Republican party is the only way but I disagree.  We may vote Republican, but we need only MAGA candidates and representatives.  There is way too much temptation in Austin to be just a Republican! 

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